Kaitlyn Chai is a Malaysian-Chinese multidisciplinary designer and illustrator based in Naarm/Melbourne, Australia. She is currently completing her Masters in Communications Design at RMIT University while running a her freelance practice.


Her work focuses on using design as a tool for storytelling and representation; exploring lived experiences in relation to race, gender, identity and culture. Often responding to sociocultural and political issues within her personal practice, she is fascinated with visualising confrontational topics in new perspectives, often using humour and subtle irony to generate discourse by exposing absurd realities.


She works across various creative disciplines, constantly experimenting with different practices to explore future potentials of design and its influential role in society and pop culture.



#worldwewant – Designing within Discomfort [watch here]


Adobe Design Achievement Awards 2019 – Top Talent

AGDA Student Awards 2019 – 5x Finalist

AGDA Student Awards 2020 – 3x Distinction

The Design Kids Awards 2020 

– Winner (Nominated by Jade Purple Brown)


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