Academic Project

*Under supervision of Ziga Testen

Editorial & Publication Design


Adobe InDesign

A draft copy and WIP initially done as part of my Typography for Publication Design class in RMIT’s Masters of Comm Design program, this publication is a collection of essays, articles and writings; both self discovered and assigned. It unpacks various histories, ideologies and themes within design practice (mostly regarding print design and typography); intended to serve as a point of reference for designers from all levels of proficiency. 


The design, informed by both traditional (symmetrical) and modernist (asymmetrical) typesetting styles; borrowing conventions and aspects from both aesthetic ideologies to create pages with a balanced tension. The marrying of polarising opinions–extensively discussed within these texts, extends an olive branch to both "sides", proving that there is enough space where both can exist together without dogmatically rejecting the other.


Lecturer: Ziga Testen

Typefaces: Suisse Int'l by Swiss Typefaces; Minipax by 

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