*MAY 2020*



Self Directed Project



Art Direction

Social Design

Print Design





Adobe Illustrator

Love Letter started off as a series of images but will now be an ongoing project based on social media (@lovely_love_letters)

Online sexual harassment is not something to be ignored. It's a serious matter and a form of emotional abuse that is never forgotten by its victims. These aggressors usually think that what they're saying is a “compliment” and find no harm in sending crass and aggressive messages. Love Letters is a project for victims to reclaim some of their power back. 


I wanted to create a safe place where controversial and difficult conversations can be discussed to hopefully bring more awareness to the general public. It was also important to me that the contents of this project were not one-sided and only experienced by me first hand. I invited others to participate in the project by sending me screenshots of sexually aggressive messages they’ve received over the recent years and re-designed them to show these messages in a new light and an ironic twist.


To the brave women who kindly let me share their stories​

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